My Top 5 Songs for Change

As change agents we are always looking for ways to build on the emotions of our constituents to make change happen. Nowadays there is the continual search for videos on change (can find a few at Principals of Future). I’m a big supporter of showing high quality videos to teachers, students and parents since the visuals really help people see what may be possible. I really like the 8 steps that Kotter and Cohen’s define in Heart of Change and I believe that the use of multi-media help with “creating urgency” and “building the guiding team”. Instead of plugging videos, I”d like to promote my current top 5  change songs (with YouTube videos).  They’re on my iPod and get played frequently when I’m looking for inspiration.

#5 Talkin’ Bout a Revolution by Tracy Chapman


#4 Changes by David Bowie

#3 Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer

#2 A Change is Going to Come by Sam Cooke (Jumped out at me last night on American Idol)

#1 If You’re Out There by John Legend

What are your favorites?


4 thoughts on “My Top 5 Songs for Change

  1. We Shall Be Free by Garth Brooks. I used to have a bulletin board in my classroom with a section called, “Lyrics to Live By.” It might be time to revisit that.

  2. I love all the choices that you made but i’ve gotta say that i’m a little surprised that you didn’t put revolution by The Beatles on. When I think of change I immediatly think Revolution (though not Revolution #9).

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