What’s it like to take a year off?

Nothing like taking some time off to relax and let loose a bit.
Nothing like taking some time off to relax and let loose a bit.

Imagine having the opportunity to take a year to do whatever you wanted (Well, there are typically economic constraints). That’s exactly what my wife and I are doing this school year. I have to admit that I am enjoying the relatively stress free lifestyle. We all know how stressful being principal of a school can be. We are sharpening our saws.

I left Mont’Kiara in June and my family and I have been on vacation ever since. We’ve traveled around the United States to reconnect with family and friends. Aside from spending quality time with the family we’re using this time for our children to learn about life in the United States. We’ve been overseas for nine years to the kids have never lived here (aside from summer vacation).

We have completed the first phase of the trip and now we are settling in to spend the year living in Emerald Isle, NC. My wife and I plan to work on our new action plan. Our four focus areas are based on Covey’s four assumptions for life.

“For the body – assume you’ve had a heart attack; now live accordingly.

For the mind – assume that the half-life of your profession is two years; now prepare accordingly.

For the heart – assume that everything that you say about another, they can overhear; now speak accordingly.

For the spirit – assume you have a one-on-one visit with your Creator every quarter; now live accordingly.”

For the mind I plan to immerse myself building skills and knowledge that will help me lead for the future. I plan to work on several projects and expand my personal learning community. For someone who thrives on learning, this is going to be exciting.

So, I’m done with vacation and now ready actively participate online.


2 thoughts on “What’s it like to take a year off?

  1. Inspiring Blair. I love Covey’s assumptions for life. Really hit home. Thanks for including me on your journey. Here at BIS we are really moving IT into the “life” of the school. MacBook Pros are arriving in days for all our teachers and we’ve migrated ourselves over to Google Apps. Plan is to quadruple bandwidth and add Sirrus multi-directional wireless for a complete flood of campus and … relook at whether or not we need to have restrictive pieces on items like cell phones, IPods, etc… and instead focus on the WHYs for why kids want to use them.

  2. It sounds like you guys are on the move and have a plan and are moving forward. Great to see you putting the technology in the hands of the teachers while also working on the infrastructure. Both key to making the implementation process smoother. If you’re interested, there is research from the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation and a research study from the Texas Immersion Pilot.



    Thanks for sharing.

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