Periodic Dipsticking: Find out how your laptop intiative is progressing

I love the simple survey that Pamela Livingston shows in her latest post and would encourage all schools that are planning or implementing a 1-to-1 Laptop program to design their own to use periodically. The results will provide you with valuable information on how the program is going. Use them with teachers, students and parents.

Keep it simple and make it easy to compile the results. Even if the results verify what you know, it will be worth your time. While the data below did not come from a formal survey, just think about what your leadership team could do with this type of information from students. The following quotes from students were posted in a school’s student newspaper while the school was in the first semester of implementing their laptop program.

“Have Laptops Benefited [School’s Name]?”

“No, because we don’t use them, but we still have to carry them to every class along with our folders, which we were told we wouldn’t need anymore.”

– Anonymous Student

“Yeah, it’s a faster way to look up information, even though I only use mine for Skype and Facebook.”

– Another Anonymous Student

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