This is funny but it does happen!

Cross posted on 1 to 1 Schoolsnet

As I visit 1:1 laptop classrooms I have been trying to put myself into the shoes of a classroom teacher who has just had their world turned upside down with the introduction of these new 21st century tools. I’m learning that it’s not easy for educators to make the transition and that it is very easy to continue old habits. We are definitely creatures of habit and the most simple example is of the teacher who tends to rely on lecture and class discussion. In this case the teacher will use the technology to make presentations and the students will take notes (hopefully by using the computer).

Those of you in schools that have already taken the plunge can relate to that initial feeling of, “Now what do I do with this machine?” I plan to explore this over the next several posts but would like to introduce it with this great video, ‘The Class’ DU innovation Class. It’s a parody of The Office and it shows a teacher who is struggling to change his habits.

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