Are you looking for research on 1 to 1 initiatives?

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I’m certainly glad that I follow Chris Smith from Shambles on Twitter because I recently found the New South Wales (NSW) One-to-One Computers in Schools 2010 Literature Review through him. The timing was perfect because our school community is ready to look at research on the topic. The review focuses on Student Achievement, Professional Learning and Laptop Pedagogy, Leadership and Technology Integration, Technical problems and support, and Computers at home. I don’t want to ruin this excellent learning experience for you, but they identified the key implications as,

  • One-to-one laptop programs can bring about improvements to student learning
  • Improvements in student achievement are related to laptop use
  • Professional learning is essential for successful integration
  • A shift from a focus on technology proficiency to laptop pedagogy needs to take place
  • Teacher pedagogical beliefs largely determine the degree and type of integration that occurs in the classroom
  • Professional learning  must include processes by which teachers regularly discuss their pedagogical and educational values
  • Teachers need time for discussion and the sharing of ideas/resources
  • Leadership is crucial for successful integration
  • School leaders must build a shared vision, keep the focus on that vision, lead the planning, provide time for collaboration and discussion and provide appropriate and timely professional learning for teachers
  • Leaders must foster a collaborative and supportive school culture
  • Distributed leadership and a whole school approach are most effective
  • Sufficient technology support is crucial for the success of a one-to-one laptop program
  • Technology support needs do not diminish as the program matures

You can learn more about the Digital Education Revolution in NSW at their site.

How will you use this rich information to support your 1 to 1 initiative?


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