“Learn or Retire”

During a leadership team discussion on Graded in the future,  one of my amazing colleagues came up with the quote of the year. She was explaining how she made the decision to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for leading in today’s 21st century landscape.  She decided that she either needed to “learn or retire”. Her testimonial provided all of the members of our leadership team with inspiration and motivation to move forward. For educators, it doesn’t matter what stage of your career, you either “Learn or Retire”.


7 thoughts on ““Learn or Retire”

  1. Your beautiful daughter looks at me as if she were my mother encouraging me to give my first step in my life, Blair! As I did encourage my sons to give their first steps in life when they were children… the beauty of human kind! “o menino é o pai do homem” I thank you and her! Yes! Learn or retire! My mantra while I am alive! The right to live is directly linked to the right and the responsibility to learn. This is probably what keeps us alive. And young! Let us keep on moving then! You are the mentor! She is the inspiration! Obrigada!

  2. Gila, she truly is beautiful in many ways. She created the text on the iPad and acted the part for the camera. I love the Mantra and may have to create a poster for my office. Thanks.

  3. YES!i love the openness of the concept. peaceful for the mind…. i already printed the picture for my classroom 🙂 Thanks Maxine

  4. Hi Blair, Know that I love my service and work at schools with students and colleagues. It is however, 3:47 AM and I am battling email purgatory that has been augmented by other electronic means of communication twitter, a boatload of shared documents and much more. I have a house on a peaceful island, my family loves me – at the moment I am shy on rest and exercise (key ingredients to a fitful life). I am thinking perhaps I should “learn to retire” rather than learn or retire.

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