Tipping the Balance of Power

This post is very different compared to others that I have written. That’s because the audience is students and teachers at Graded. Last week at our Community Read event we focused our discussion on bullying. The response has been very positive and we all believe that it’s essential for us to follow up throughout the year. In general, the 12th grade students who facilitated the discussion sessions felt that it was a worthwhile event.  This post is designed to capture comments from our high school students at our weekly assembly. Let’s see how Creative Tension works for this purpose.

Our purpose for today is to brainstorm ideas as to what do we need to do as a school to empower individuals to do what is right and stand up to bullying?

We’ll use the comments section to capture ideas.

First, keep the following in mind when posting.

  • Please make sure that your comments relate to the assembly topic and remember, there is the potential for the comments to be seen by people all over the world.
  • You may use your first name, but not your first and last name.
  • We trust that you will act responsibly when you contribute to the discussion.
  • Be honest and open with your responses.
While there were many ideas relating to bullying presented last week, we will focus on the importance of bystanders. They have the power to change the balance of power in a positive direction. You may remember Isaiah from the NBC Dateline program entitled, My Kid Would Never Bully.
After hearing today’s presentation what do you think that we can do at Graded to combat bullying behavior? How can we, as bystanders, make a difference?
We will use your comments to determine next steps for our community.

27 thoughts on “Tipping the Balance of Power

  1. We should really define who are the main contributors of bullying in this school. Once we know who the enemy is, we can attack!

  2. I think that in a way it is kind of impossible to gather a group bigger than the negative group and the silent group. Unfortunately this is the reality of a day to day and if there is an abusive or report button, then the only reasonable thing to do is to click on it.

  3. Bullying is something that, people need to work on ignoring as much as possible. Negatively responding to bullying just ignites the fire even more.

  4. Hi,
    I believe that the school needs to have a good teacher – student relationship so that victims and bystanders can report bullying. Also, a school needs to make clear to the students that bullying is not right, it’s them that have the authority to do the right thing.

  5. I think the problem is not on the “we” but on each individual. We are going to be with the same people for the rest of our high school, and each of us should have their limits and know when is enough.

  6. I think the teachers should talk to each students about bulllying privately and try to decrease these problems.

  7. I believe that to tip the balance we should raise awarenes about how bullying affects people in a bad way.

  8. About the bullying story Mr. Peterson told us, I think it’s unfair to tell only one side of it. Something must have pushed that girl (may zee?) to do something so extreme and it’s important to address that. Not everyone is a victim

  9. Ridiculous this bully story… Bully happens more often than it should in our graded comunity which worsens our daily life by seeing our colegues depressed. Most of the bullying is done trough facebook even though it is bad I do not support the idea that the school should interfere with the students outside of the school campus by any means

  10. I think there needs to be more dialogue between student, teachers, and parents about the topic in order for us to not be shy to confront bullies. If we are more encouraged to act, like we are being now, i believe we will

  11. Get to the root of the problem: confront the bully. Someone in a position of power should face this person.
    The people being bullied need to know that there is nothing wrong with them, there is something very wrong with the world we live in. They need to know (and bystanders need to know too) that they are in a community that will support them and stand behind them if they ever chose to speak up (which they should).

  12. I honestly do not believe that we have a bullying problem at Graded because we are able to live together as a community. We have the utmost respect for each other (at least in the senior class) because we know that no one will tolerate that kind behavior. No one would condone it.

  13. I don’t think people are aware of how bullying can turn into something serious, people can even be bullied to death. Unfourtunetely bullying has no solution, I don’t believe there is a way that bullying can totally end, but letting others know of how serious it can get may help a little.

  14. I dont think bullying is a big issue at graded, however even a small issue must be addresed. I think that as a group we can promote the neutralization of bullying by interveining whenever you see it happen

  15. I think that defining EXACTLY what bullying is – a constant attack towards a particular victim (please, emphasis on the keyword CONSTANT- would help people that are so confused about bullying.

    There’s this great movie called The Breakfast Club, maybe showing it to our high school would be a good idea. The kind of bullying that happens in highschool (that isn’t EXACTLY bullying, bullying normally only happens in middle school) is alienation and segregation. Everyone has their own cliques and stereotypes of others. The Breakfast Club is all about getting out of your comfort zone, breaking stereotypes and forgetting about the stupid “cliques” we made up. It’s a great and powerful movie, and if you think language may be a concern: my sister first watched this movie at school. Just sayin’. It’s a great movie and I think that we could learn a lot from it, standing up to others, and breaking out from this idea of stereotypes and cliques.

  16. Bullying isn’t a big problem at Graded, BUT it is in other schools (not only in Brasil but in the world) so i think that if schools start talking about bullying to younger students (start before 1st grade, kindergarten perhaps?) then i believe that the bullying will decrease.

  17. I think we have watched bully in the media so much, it is like falling in love: portrayed in an exaggerated version to make it more interesting. But in reality bullying does not happen that way; with a jock pushing a nerd against a locker or a queen bee putting the new girl down and staring down at her contemptuously. In real life bullying is a lot more subtle. A comment that is negative but shielded by a laugh and a friendly “just kidding”can hurt a person for life.

  18. Some people seem to enjoy the game of let’s pretend. How can you all say we do not have a bullying problem at Graded? We have a horrible type of bullying, where some people are allowed to do whatever they want, while others have to follow the rules all the time.

  19. What about starting a zero tolerance schoolwide program against any form of aggressiveness or intimidation? including those apparently friendly pokes, gossiping, teasing or any inappropriate remarks. We are all responsible of what happens in our community so let’s take away the peer attention and support that bullies need to keep going.

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