Life as we know it will always change

My niece participated in a novel writing contest and she was one of the winners. I’m impressed by her accomplishment but more excited about the title of her novel. “Life as we Know it Will Always End”. What a clever and appropriate title for today’s ever changing world. Some people argue against the concept that change is inevitable. Maybe most of today’s 12 year olds have a better understanding of this concept and how it impacts their lives.  

2 thoughts on “Life as we know it will always change

  1. I agree Blair, we are living in a time of massive change. Where industries, institutions and what is considered to be of actual value are being questioned, dismantled and rebuilt. Those who see will add value and participate in the improvement of society and culture, those who do not will be left confused. The major difference between now and other times in history is the speed by which this change is taking place…simply blistering. An exciting time to be alive!

  2. Kim, you are so right. The speed is amazing. Consider how quickly the flipcam crashed and burned or the fact that tablets are taking over the mobile market. We have to be prepared to manage change and as an educator our focus is on preparing kids for a future that we don’t even know. Exciting times for many…scary for others. Thanks for the comment.

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