The Beginning of the Year School Supply List in a 1:1 Environment

Photo by Pink Punk Shelly

Check out the supply list for you typical school and you’ll find a list like the following.

6th Grade
• 1 pen/pencil pouch*
• 2 one inch binders (one of these should be green)
• Minimum of 25 #2 pencils (NO MECHANICAL PENCILS)
• Minimum of 5 red ink pens
• Minimum of 5 ink pens (blue or black)
• 8 low odor dry erase markers
• 300 3×5 ruled index cards
• 2 boxes (8 count) colored pencils
• 2 yellow highlighters
• 2 folders with pockets (one red, one orange)
• 2 one subject spiral notebooks (one blue, one green)
• 1- 5 subject spiral notebook w/ plastic cover (red)
• 1- 3 subject spiral notebook w/ plastic cover (yellow)
• 1 hand held pencil sharpener (covered)
• 2 bottles of 4 oz glue
• 1 pair of scissors (Fiskars-no sharp points)
• 1- 8 tab pack of dividers
• Book bag (book bags on wheels will not fit in the lockers)
• 1 box of tissues
• 3 packs of lined notebook paper (loose-leaf paper)
** Students will need a basic calculator and ruler at home
to complete assignments. **

These are suggested supplies for the CORE area subjects. The CORE teachers will begin the year focusing on organizational skills using the above supplies. Elective teachers will give out a supply list when school begins.
If your child brings other supplies to school, or you purchase products for their use at home, please make sure that they are safe products whose vapors are not harmful to breathe. For a list of products and safer substitutes, visit

Materials will be color coded by subject:
Math = Red Science = Green
Social Studies = Blue English = Yellow

From Providence MS in Chesterfield County VA.

What happens in a 1:1 school? Does the list look like this?

Laptop or Tablet PC

  • Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise Operating System.
  • Microsoft Office 2007 Professional (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, OneNote).
  • Various other software packages.
My thinking is that the supply list won’t disappear immediately but that it will slowly shrink over time. At our school the kids like to carry expensive pencil cases. I tell the students that I can’t wait for the day when these disappear.
Photo of supplies by {Pink Punk} Shelly

One thought on “The Beginning of the Year School Supply List in a 1:1 Environment

  1. That is a really fancy pencil case. Back when I was a student I was content to just have a pencil case at all, but then again I was in a very rural area and there wasn’t a lot of fashion consciousness.

    Unrelatedly, do you accept guest posts for your blog? I would’ve emailed you but I can’t seem to find your contact info. Drop me a line at nataliehntr86 at gmail, thanks!

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