Seeking Student Voices on Learning in a 1:1 Environment

Share your 1:1 story with us

Spread the word. Graded high school is looking for video testimonials from students who are  learning in a 1 to 1 laptop school. This idea came about when one of our students said that we should try to appeal to our student body in ways that will appeal to teenagers. You can help us kick off our 1:1 rollout in August.  Create a short video telling us about your experiences in this environment and share it with us on Youtube.  Consider telling us about  the following:

  • Why we should be excited about learning in a 1:1 environment.
  • How your learning has changed.
  • Your personal story about experiences.
  • A story about your school’s 1:1 journey.
  • What we have to look forward to.
  • Anything else that you think Graded students will find interesting.

We hope to be able to connect with students from around the world. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions (


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