What ideas do you have for engaging the school community in the discussions on learning?

This year I’ve embarked on a project to promote the work of our teachers and students through the Graded High School Blog. The blog was inspired by Patrick Larkin’s Learning in Burlington  and George Couros’s work with the 184 Days of Learning in Parkland Schools. The blog is designed for the Graded high school community to share information and ideas on education. To date, the blog has 5,717 hits which is more than the total number of hits that the high school articles in our weekly Gazette have gotten. It’s an excellent start to sharing learning with our community. It has not been a place where members of our community have engaged in dialogue. Aside from the What’s our stance on weighted grades? (a total of 6 comments) post there have been very few comments. The challenge now is to increase engagement so that teachers, students, and parents use the tool for online communication.

Anyone have examples of school blogs where the community is actively participating in the discussion? If so, I’d love to see them. Also, what ideas do you have for increasing community participation?


3 thoughts on “What ideas do you have for engaging the school community in the discussions on learning?

  1. I believe that Edmodo is another great tool no just for teachers as for students.Edmodo provides a safe and easy way for my class to connect and collaborate, share content, and access homework grades /
    Also to communicate school notices.and share information among teachers and authorities about various themes/

  2. Martin, Our teachers use Moodle, Google sites and other Google Education apps, and Facebook to communicate with students. Edmodo is a good example of a tool that works for teachers and students. I know that our HS Blog site does not draw in many students and we continue to think of ways to draw them to the site. I suppose that they are more in tune with Facebook and these types of tools. I’m guessing that the blog is not a priority for them. I’m glad that this tool is working for you and your students.

  3. When I introduced Edmodo, my 4th grade students exclaimed: This is as FACEBOOk, they really love it. the felt inmediatly confortable.

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