Exploring Passions = Maracuja Time for 4th Graders

Passion Fruit = Maracuja

The word for passion fruit in Portuguese is Maracuja. Here is Brazil the fruit is eaten fresh, in a mousse or in Caipirinhas. This is also the name that our 4th grade teachers chose to name the 1 hour per week that their students unstructured time to explore. Below is the note that the teachers sent out to parents. This is just one of the ideas that came from our Innovate 2013 Conference.

Earlier this month, Graded had the privilege of hosting the Innovate 2013 Conference. It was a time where teachers from around the world were welcome to engage in discussions about the changes that are happening in education today. One result of the conference is that we, the 4th grade team, inspired by companies like Google and 3M became excited about being innovators in our own field. These companies have given their employees time set aside to do something they are passionate about and eventually share it with the company.

In that spirit, the 4th grade team is proud to announce the opening of our MARACUJA Time, on Wednesdays from 1:25-2:25! This time will be dedicated for students to explore and create based on something they are passionate about. We would like to welcome you to our Maracuja Time on any Wednesday that you are available as there are no appointments needed. If you are curious about what students are doing or are interested in supporting the discovery process, the door is certainly open for you. You can begin conversations with your child at home about what inspires them. Ask them, “What is something that sticks to you? What are you most passionate about? Is there something you always wish you had the time to learn about?”.

Students will document their progress weekly in order to track their growth and thinking. At the end of each quarter students will present their learning.
In order to guide our process we will follow the ICT standards of:

– apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas products or products

    –  create original works as a means of personal or group expression

    – communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences using a variety of media and formats

We are looking forward to where our students will take us.

Caipirinha de Maracuja

One thought on “Exploring Passions = Maracuja Time for 4th Graders

  1. What a great idea! I look forward to seeing what kinds of projects the students explore. I wonder if they are going to model some potential ideas or just be patient and allow the students to find their true passions?

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