When do we stop running from place to place?

In a hurry

We were  at dinner the other night and my friend’s 4 year old son was running back and forth from our table to the play area. My friend noticed it and he said, “When do we stop running from place to place?” I had to stop and think a bit. Who really thinks much about our pace slowing down as we get older?  Come to think of it, it’s always the elementary and middle school students who I have to tell to slow down in the hallway. The high school students and adults seem to know the rules and norms of the school. Or, maybe they’re not as excited about getting to where they are going as the younger kids.

So, I immediately got up from the table and ran to the bathroom. I  felt silly and I can only imagine how I looked to the restaurant customers and staff.

Maybe we need to run and show our unbridled enthusiasm a bit more. By even faking it at first we may change our disposition and the way that people view us. Of course there are some who will find it silly, but who knows, others may join in.

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