Nothing like a little risk taking to keep things fresh

A couple of years ago I presented, School Leaders Set the Tone by Playing, Experimenting and Taking Risks at the 2011 K12 Online Conference and I talked about the importance of taking risks. Even so, when I turned 50 in August my wife had to really shame me into agreeing to an exciting birthday adventure. In the morning we went hot air ballooning and in the afternoon we went skydiving. Even though Wikipedia states, “Despite the perception of danger, fatalities are rare. However, each year a number of people are hurt or killed parachuting worldwide. (Skydiving fatalities and About 21 skydivers are killed each year in the US, roughly one death for every 150,000 jumps (about 0.0007%).”, it still felt risky to me. It was certainly an adrenaline rush and I highly recommend the experience. Afterwards, my 15 year old son proclaimed that he was going for his 16th birthday next year. Guess who will be joining him.

My colleague, Ocki Fernandes also joined my wife and I on the adventure. My next challenge is to talk the members of our leadership team into going as a group. Oh, BTW, a few weeks later our business manager jumped to celebrate her 50th birthday. I’m thinking that we’ll have a critical mass when it comes to convincing the rest of the team.

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