Design Thinking: Part 3

I’ve talked about our leadership team’s experience with design thinking when we redesigned our high school trips earlier this year. As I mentioned, we literally learned by doing.

Today a small group of us were able to experience a 1 hour workshop from the on design thinking. If you’re interested in a primer on design thinking, this is the one for you. It’s so easy to organize because you just need the video, a partner and some materials to use for prototyping.

The design thinking process from the d.School at Stanford. Image licensed for reuse –×345.png

Today’s group experienced the following:

  • The pace is fast which is just part of the process. This workshop is an abbreviated process but in general, the pace is fast when you’re designing.
  • You have to really learn about your partner during the process. You’re forced to study his/her process for giving gifts and learning as much about them and the process in a very short amount of time. At one point the facilitators tell you that the session should get emotional and people may cry.
  • Prototyping can be quick and dirty and you need to share unfinished work to test out your solution. It’s somewhat strange to build a 3D item that shows a process.
  • The process does lead you to test something and then make revisions. In this workshop you just don’t have much time to revise.
  • You can really become engaged quickly when your working on a design challenge.

I see many ways that our organization can use these principles when we are looking for solutions. There is less talk and more doing and testing out concepts and you’re really focused on the users. I’m looking forward to finishing up the our trip project and starting something new.

  • Bias for being more human centered
  • Prototype Everything
  • Collaborative
  • Bias toward action





2 thoughts on “Design Thinking: Part 3

  1. Wow, Blair Peterson. You are all over it! I just discovered your blog and am reading around. Very cool stuff. So, I see you are directly involved in the d.School already.

    Are you still in the Deep Learning MOOC at HTH and have you enjoyed their courses? Worth paying for? I’m going to enjoy reading your blog. -Lisa

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I’m not directly involved with the d.School but did use their video for the design thinking training. I’m hoping to visit schools out in N. California in September or October and plan to visit the I think that we can learn from them. I picked up on their work through Wagner’s and Boss’s books on innovation. I thought that the MOOC was good in many ways. While we’re not going to become a HTH or offer internships like The Met Schools, the ideas on deeper learning are applicable. I don’t know anything about their courses.

    Take a look at my first two posts on design thinking where we redesigned our HS trips. We prototyped the trips using the process. We’re getting ready to have kids sign up for them later this month so we’ll see how it turned out.

    Looking forward to learning more about the FabLab.

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