Learning how one multiplier is providing refuge in Clarkston, GA

As a school of “inquiry, innovation and impact” Mount Vernon Presbyterian School prides itself on connecting students with as many community multipliers as possible. (One of my past posts lists just a few of the individuals who have met with our students this year alone). The community was introduced the Multiplier concept earlier this year by our Head of School Dr. Brett Jacobsen and this past week, Trey Boden, arranged for Kitti Murray to speak at our weekly chapel.

Kitti’s not-for profit venture, Refuge Coffee is working to meet the needs of the Clarkston, GA community. CNN has called Clarkston the “most diverse square mile in the United States.” This diversity stems from the nearly 2,000 refugees who join every year. The Mount Vernon Presbyterian Upper School students heard her story, along with stories of refugees who have settled in Clarkston. Kitti took it upon herself to start a mobile coffee shop that provides Clarkston residents with a place to gather, socialize and have a cup of coffee during the week. The coffee truck allows the team to generate income by contracting out their services to corporations and individuals. These outside “gigs” allow them to discount their prices for members of the Clarkston community. The business also serves as a training ground for residents who want to work and develop skills in the food and restaurant industry. Check out  The CREATE REFUGE CAMPAIGN from Kitti Murray on Vimeo.

The CREATE REFUGE CAMPAIGN from Kitti Murray on Vimeo.

By connecting our students with so many different multipliers, we hope to stimulate their curiosity and explore possibilities for making an impact in their worlds. Our hope is that there are 50 – 100 future multipliers, like Kitti Murray, in our student body who are just waiting to take action.

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