Why San Francisco stopped teaching algebra in middle school – Business Insider

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    • “Algebra seems to help [students], but it’s not clear it’s  the curriculum. It’s the peer environment. It’s the teacher. It’s  just the pat on the back for being in an advanced class. All  kinds of stuff is going on there, and we don’t know which it is,”

    • Getting eighth  graders to learn how to manipulate variables is a goal that each  district approaches with its own particular curricula, its own  set of teachers, and its own ancillary supports for struggling  students (or not). All of these factors affect educational  quality independent of whether and when a student is enrolled in  something called “Algebra I.”  



    • Backing away from the  early algebra-for-all orthodoxy that has dominated state  educational policy up until 2012, the new standards recommend  that districts focus on pre-algebra throughout middle  school. 

    • Carranza  criticizing the district’s “one-size-fits-all math  policy.” 

    • “There is [now] a ton of what you would  consider algebra in grade school and all the way through middle  school,” he says. “So the question about Algebra I in middle  school really just doesn’t fit the current paradigm because the  standards are so different than what has historically been  taught.”

    • As Ryan points out, the CCSS Math 8 course that eighth  graders are now expected to take includes 60% of the material  from the old Algebra I course.

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