Tipping the Balance of Power

This post is very different compared to others that I have written. That’s because the audience is students and teachers at Graded. Last week at our Community Read event we focused our discussion on bullying. The response has been very positive and we all believe that it’s essential for us to follow up throughout the year. In general, the 12th grade students who facilitated the discussion sessions felt that it was a worthwhile event.  This post is designed to capture comments from our high school students at our weekly assembly. Let’s see how Creative Tension works for this purpose.

Our purpose for today is to brainstorm ideas as to what do we need to do as a school to empower individuals to do what is right and stand up to bullying?

We’ll use the comments section to capture ideas.

First, keep the following in mind when posting.

  • Please make sure that your comments relate to the assembly topic and remember, there is the potential for the comments to be seen by people all over the world.
  • You may use your first name, but not your first and last name.
  • We trust that you will act responsibly when you contribute to the discussion.
  • Be honest and open with your responses.
While there were many ideas relating to bullying presented last week, we will focus on the importance of bystanders. They have the power to change the balance of power in a positive direction. You may remember Isaiah from the NBC Dateline program entitled, My Kid Would Never Bully.
After hearing today’s presentation what do you think that we can do at Graded to combat bullying behavior? How can we, as bystanders, make a difference?
We will use your comments to determine next steps for our community.