When do we get the chance to get the creative juices flowing?

“Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.”
Walter Lippmann

I’ve had the luxury of not working this school year and It’s been the best sharpening of the saw that I can imagine. Today I’ve been contemplating creative thinking and how excited I get about letting my mind wander to create new ideas (at least they’re new to me). For people like me I have to really work at being creative and it takes time to put serious thought into something, scanning the work of others who look at things differently, and exercising the right brain.

Want a few ideas that may light a fire under you creative juices?

1. I occasionally pull out Fredrik Haren’s book, The Idea Book, when I need to exercise my brain. The book “inspires creative people to be more creative, and It teaches uncreative people how to develop their creativity.” It’s full of quotes, exercises and space to write down thoughts. Use it to come up with 50 ways to use a brick, develop a metaphor for your idea, think of 50 different solutions to a problem, invent new words in order to invent new ideas, do the opposite of what people would normally do, and much much more.

2. I wasn’t able to attend ASB’s Unplugged this year but I’ve already taken a look at Scott Klososky’s presentation on Creativity and Innovation. I’m somewhat familiar with Scott’s work and I love his forward thinking approach. Want some ideas on how to develop your next outstanding presentation? Take a look at his slides. He uses excellent design principles. I only wish that I was there for the entire session.

3. Tonight I watched these two music videos by OK Go with my children. My son said that he loved the video even though the music was OK. I love imagining the planning sessions that led to these two very innovative videos.

This to Shall Pass by OK Go

Here it Goes Again, by OK Go

What do you do to develop your right brain?

I want to find visuals/photos that match the motivational quotes that I’ve chosen to put on notecards that I can use in my school. This seems like a very good exercise to get the juices flowing.


21st Century School Leaders as “Wannabe Pseudo Geek Management Types”

As you know, I’m a strong believer that school leaders today need to model the use of technology daily. The modeling should be in ways that help him/her do their job more effectively. They don’t necessarily need to be using technology the same way that teachers do. The modeling also sends a message to teachers that he/she is willing to change his/her behavior and to learn  new things.

Well, for quite some time I’ve struggled with how to refer to a school leader (like myself) who strives to model appropriate use. I’ve never really thought of myself, or liked the term “geek” because I don’t really care about what is happening behind the technology and I don’t like troubleshooting. I just want to be the end user. Well, Scott Klososky in the video The Great Speaker Search of 2015 provides us with the new label, “Wannabe Pseudo Geek Management Types”. I kind of like it. I like the “not actually” part of this definition.

1. not actually but having the appearance of; pretended; false or spurious; sham.
2. almost, approaching, or trying to be.

So, the next time that someone tries to label you as a “Geek” you can tell them, “Actually, I’m a “Wannabe Pseudo Geek Management Type”. I think that it will lead to a chuckle and maybe even a discussion on what it means.